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  • Mechanical Engineering
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  • Packaging Design
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  • Production Support

Mechanical Engineering and Design

Be it plastic, sheetmetal, diecasting, sandcasting, composite, rubber, fabric and many more, iDesign have had vast experience in using a wide range of materials and processes in production parts and assemblies. Our experience to date spans many years and industries, and each development makes the most of implementing this knowledge and expertise to give the best solutions possible. Quality design and well considered engineering leads to reliable and proven product. iDesign supply quality engineered solutions whether it’s supplementing your team, working independently or simply providing an informed opinion outside your normal workspace.

Mechanical Design

Industrial Design

Industrial design in essence is the practise of product design for people. People are the market and therefore it is critical that you design product with their needs central to all design decisions. Doing this ensures the product experience will be enjoyed and desired, meaning more sales and greater success for your business. The industrial design process is an exciting and rewarding undertaking. The outputs are always new, visual and tangible, addressing real needs, and allow yourself to be a critical part in the design process by taking your input and translating that directly into the process. Industrial design starts with user focused research and finishes with well defined, functional and pleasing product.


Electrical Engineering and Design

There is a high density of tech companies in New Zealand, and we have spent years working closely with many of them. This means that although we are not electrical engineers, we have a deep understanding of what is needed to ensure that both electrical and mechanical requirements of a product are working together correctly.


Prototyping is an excellent way of getting a feel for the product well before money is spent on tooling. Prototypes can be for used for checking the basic form and function of the design and capturing issues, or can also be fully built up for marketing or display purposes. We offer a full range of prototyping options, from clay models, rapid prototype SLA models, right through to parts machined directly from the most suitable materials, allowing real functional testing to be done.


“Working with iDesign to create a first-class product within a compressed project schedule for an uncompromising environment was both enjoyable and satisfying. The project’s success demanded all the experience, creativity and passion you would expect from a leading design consultancy firm.

Scott Crozier, Product Manager, Trimble CTCT.

“iDesign have completed a number of projects for us. Their industrial and mechanical design has been a major contributor to our products becoming best-in-class in our market segment. The iDesign team are responsive and always pitch in when needed.”

Jim Mace, Flightcell International Ltd