About us

Specialising in Industrial Design and Mechanical Design, iDesign can provide a complete product design from start to finish, overflow resource for your internal design team, or anything in between.

We make it our business to understand your requirements, which then focusses our wide industry experience so together we can shape successful products. The result is a product that improves your bottom line.




From concept to production, we provide a complete product design and engineering service. No matter what stage you are at, we can help you develop a successful product by bringing best methods and new concepts to the development.

Your company will understand the value of leading with your expertise, knowing your market and providing the best solutions to leverage opportunities. iDesign provide design and engineering expertise, and we work with your company to bring knowledge and experience from many different industries. This allows a fresh perspective and alternative methods for solving design issues.



Trimble Pro Series – Mechanical concept and Industrial Design

The Trimble pro series is a GIS receiver designed to be flexible enough in use to ensure great functionality across a wide range of users. Applications range from utility companies, roading and infrastructure, to environmental management. iDesign helped with the mechanical concept work and the industrial design. This required frequent meetings with the Trimble team to ensure the user needs, cost and manufacturing requirements were being met along the way. We worked with Trimble engineers to resolve the innovative product assembly ideas, which aimed to minimise cost and increase robustness. This product is a great example of two teams working together to achieve successful results. The accuracy of the product is complimented by its durable, IP65 sealed enclosure allowing peace of mind when working in rugged outdoor environments.



Gallagher Smart Scale – A new look for an existing product

The Gallagher Smart Scale is a ruggedised computer designed to input, store and view farm stock data. It allows the user to log the progress of stock units without the hassle of manual data logging. Gallagher had many specific product details they wished to improve on from previous smart scale design. iDesign set out to update the smart scale range to improve robustness, IP sealing, reduce manufacture complexity and cost, update aesthetics and improve tactility of the interface components. As Gallaghers are based in Hamilton, regular skype calls were a means of ensuring all parties involved were aware of progress and were involved throughout the whole design process. The Gallagher market has responded well to the new range and the investment in design has led to great results for both production and retail of the product.



TRUBLUE Auto Belay – Mechanical design

The TruBlue auto belay was a collaborative project with Holmes solutions, Woods design and iDesign. The Trueblue Auto belay is a climbing specific auto belay that uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system to accommodate the widest range of climber weights. As a climber ascends the belay takes up all the slack and when descending the belay responds automatically to lower the climber at a controlled rate. iDesign worked with Holmes solutions specifically to resolve the die cast enclosure and fitment of the belay mechanism to ensure easy manufacture and a reliable product as the outcome.



Dynamic Controls Test Jig – Machine Design

Dynamic Control required a test jig to automatically calibrate the hand controller for their wheel chair range. Traditionally this calibration has been done by human operators, but is a very repetitive task and so subject to quality variation. iDesign designed and assembled a test rig that would support the robot and test hardware requirements. This project was an urgent job and was completed on time and right on budget, allowing Dynamic Control to plenty of time to focus robot software development, and ensuring the jig was ready for production.



YikeBike – Mechanical integration

IDesign provided engineering and design assistance to YikeBike during the design and development process. Resource was called on when required and iDesign was able to provide reliable input across a number of areas. The knowledge and experience of plastic moulding, diecasting and sheetmetal within iDesign provided a complimentary resource to the Yike Bike team.



HRC – CAD surfacing, visual development

HRC required resource to turn scan data into CAD suitable for generating a tool design from. iDesign modelled the helmet from ground up  with the end result being smooth, artefact free CAD. HRC then requested marketing material in the form of photorealistic renderings and video animation. The result was a fast solution to urgent marketing material requirements allowing product buy-in before any physical product was produced. HRC were able to provide direct input into the CAD process through meetings and 3D files, critiquing and analysing the progress. Both parties were well aware of the expectations and deadlines and worked hard to put together a portfolio of work ready for product release and production.



Hubco – Mechanical Design, Industrial Design

Hubco Automotive and iDesign have had a long and successful working relationship that spans a number of products. iDesign were able to draw on their experience with many different manufacturing methods to work with Hubco in designing a range of successful vehicle roof mount products. The Whispbar has been a proven roof rack system for some years now and still is out performing large off shore competitors thanks to a smart and cooperative team working together turning user needs into real products.